Thursday, December 3, 2009



All day long I have been trying to get the facts right on this disturbing story before I posted it. So hear it is.

It has been confirmed that Marcus Romone Cooper aka Pleasure P was "allegedly" involved in a child molestation case which is supposedly the real reason why he's no longer in the group Pretty Ricky. Sources say he was force out due to the charges.

According to Word On The Street Magazine, the former lead singer was indeed involved in a child molestation case in Florida & the assistant/daughter of the lawyer who represented him in the case is telling it all! Not only did he 'allegedly" molest 1 child but according to reports it was several kids. But wait! It was a boy he molested! Pop the hood for the scoop.

Here's what the daughter of the lawyer had to say:
My dad was being paid to cover it up but they owe my dad a lot of money and don't want to pay him. I first overheard my dad say that it was someone famous but I found out who he was talking about.

This guy Pleasure P got kicked out of a group bc he was hiding that he was a child molester. his managers or whatever hired my dad to keep it quiet so he could get a record deal

The guy Pleasure P molested a 4 yr old child and was about to molest another one when police came and saved the child. Now, the truth is out they're threatening my family nd telling my dad he's going to get sued. But they can't because its a crime.
To top that off, she even tried to contact others members of Pretty Ricky but what told this by the groups management.
"Unfortunately due to Pleasure P's lawyer filing an injunction against us from speaking, we are not at liberty to speak about the case." How ever we will let it be known that we did kick him out of the group, he did not leave on is own free will. We did a deal with Atlantic via Craig Calman that we would let him out of the group if they bought out his contract with us and Blue Star which is the official label of Pretty Ricki. We are not at liberty to discuss why we kicked him out of the group Pretty Ricki.
However, Spectacular did say this on Twitter.

Wait there's even more! According to The CEO Of Blue Star, he was there in the court room when it all went down. WOW! If that's still not enough proof, maybe these newly released court documents will seal the deal.

After seeing the documents it turns out the child he "allegedly" molested was his own nephew! I have no words, I guess we will just have to wait on Pleasure P to drop an official statement. This is quite unfortunate!

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AngelFace said...

Disgraceful, disgusting, deplorable...those are the words that quickly come to mind upon reading of Pleasure Pedophile's shameful actions. Molestation of any sort is unacceptable. However, when it comes to sexually assaulting innocent children it is utterly ridiculous! At that, a 4 year old who is kin to him, a boy, his nephew! Throw this less than human under the jail with all the rest of the perverted pedophiles walking this earth! I have no sympathy for acts such as this at all. Nasty creature had the audacity to possibly molest more that one child! The lives of these children shall forever be changed...damaged. One more word as for the consequence of Pleasure Pedophile...CASTRATION. He does not deserve the "PLEASURE" of using his peen! PERIOD.