Thursday, February 11, 2010


"Are you too big?

If you've never had children, it's almost unthinkable that your vagina or vulva is too big.

Unfortunately, there's a very common myth in some parts of Britain - a myth to the effect that a woman who has lots of sex will get a large vagina. This is just nonsense! No matter how much sex you have, it won't affect your vaginal or vulval size.

But what does affect your dimensions is childbirth. Unfortunately, the more babies you have, the more likely your vagina is to become widened. This is due to damage to the muscles and other supporting tissues of the vaginal walls. It's more common after difficult and prolonged labours. It can often be prevented by very determined use of the postnatal exercises that midwives and physiotherapists teach."

So yeah, all you baby mamas who argue with me about this can shut the fuck up now.

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