Friday, December 3, 2010

Mixtape of the Month For DECEMBER: Tha Goodfellaz "JANKYVILLE"

I have to keep it 100 & let you guys know: The Houston Rap Group, Tha Goodfellaz isn't the type of group I usually critique. However, due to a recommendation from my twitter-friend @iSankofa I am happy to say "JANKYVILLE" is playing in regular rotation on my i-pod & in all my rides. Their perfect blend of down south 'slanguage' along with 30 tracks that range from soulful slow sample-heavy grooves like, "Loyalty Freestyle" to bouncy tear the club up anthems like, "Polo" made for an awesome mixtape. Thanks fellas. P.S. i love the down south big booty girl upside down wearing roller-skates. Download it here: "JANKYVILLE" & Make sure you all tweet me your opinions here: @Number1Producer

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