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Okay so you know the first part of what happened: After taking Kim's virginity I went over to the USED to be virgin girl's parent's house wore her ass out then her sister came over with her lil' stankin ass kids and saw me run out the back door.

After that this is what the girl told me happened:

"Girl who was that I saw run out the back door?" The sister asked. "Oh that was just my friend." Kim answered. "Yo friend? What chu' doin' wit a 'friend' over here like dat' when mom & dad gone? Matter of fact you supposed to be SICK!" The sister asked with judgment.

*I mean seriously why didn't the nosy bitch just mind her own business? She was married, out of the house wit' two lil' stankin' ass kids and a sorry ass husband!...oh wait...i just answered my own question! lmao NO LIFE havin' ass bitch.*

"I took some midol & now i feel better. It was just girl problems not the flu. Besides you know how they are." Kim answered. "Well I'm tellin' mom & dad everything." The sister said. "What? tellin' them what? I didn't do anything!" Kim answered yelling & crying. "Yes you did you had sex wit' that boy didn't you?" The nosey ass bitch-of-a sister asked. "No!" Kim cried like an idiot. "I'm telling you if you don't tell me the truth about it I'm going to mom & dad." The sister said. "Okay okay! Yes we had sex, but PLEASE DON'T TELL MOM & DAD!" Kim begged. The sister agreed.

The next thing I know I'm getting a phone call. "Hello?" I answered. On the other end is sobbing I can't hear anything but sobbing with a lot of snot-sniffing & crying as if someone died. "Hello?!" I'm panicked now. "Hello it's me I'm sorry." Kim sobbed harder. "She told didn't she?" I asked with a sudden headache. "Yes!" Kim sobbed more. "What did you tell her?" I asked. "She kept saying she was going to tell if I didn't tell her the truth so i did. She PROMISED me she wouldn't tell & it would be between us. Later in the day my mom came home early & chewed me out about everything. My dad is on his way home now. They said I can't see you or go anywhere with you ever again!" Kim cried more. I just shook my head with my eyes closed.

"Don't you know that the biggest lie is for her to tell you she wasn't gonna' tell if you told her the truth?!" I screamed. "You KNEW she was gone tell REGARDLESS so you should have denied the sex! How could they prove it? It's your word against hers! All she saw was me run out the back door FULLY CLOTHED! That could be just me coming over & making out or watching t.v. or keeping you company! That was some stupid shit to do!" I screamed.

*Yeah it was mean but i was PISSED! Her stankin ass sister had ruin my pussy spot! Now I had to find a new bitch to fuck & I didn't wanna do that @ that point in time. "I know i'm sorry! Please don't hate me!" She sobbed so hard I could barely hear her words. "I don't HATE you. I hate your fuckin' sister." I answered.

"What are we gonna' do?!?" She asked. "Don't worry, one bitch don't stop no show. We will work around it." I said with confidence that my pussy was still my pussy & i was gone get it Malcolm X style, "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!"

This happened on a Friday. *Seems like i'm always doin shit on the weekend don't it? lol read my other blog "UPDATE!: ME & A CHICK PT. 4"* So, Saturday rolls around & I'm 16 years old so I leave the house & head out for the mall or something...*i can't remember*

When I come back my mom has a story for me:

"Um, that lil' girl you go wit'? Her parents came over here today." She said. *GULP* I swallowed hard as hell. "They-they did?" I stuttered. "Yes..." She answered *she said like something crazy happened her face was very expressive her eyes got big & then she raised her eyebrows and sat down on the sofa* "Do you know?" She chucked before she could finish, then started again. "Do you know, her dad came over here telling us that you had to MARRY THIS GIRL?" She giggled.

"WHAT??!" I answered. "Yes child he was very adamant about you two getting married because she was a virgin and a virgin is supposed to marry her first. Now you know according to the bible that's true, are NOT getting married @ 16 years old!" Mom laughed again. "Mom! I don't even want to THINK about marrying that girl! She's just a girlfriend I didn't start dating her because i'm looking for marriage!" I answered embarrassed.

"So what else happened?" I said sitting down with my interest sparked higher than Don King's Hair. "He & his wife pulled out this book & started talking about some crazy ass religion where they don't use the bible &...something I can't remember but anyway, they were over here THREE HOURS arguing back & forth with your dad. Well, mainly the man was the woman was actually nice but the man was rude. He kept telling your dad stuff & making all these ultimatums and your dad was like, 'I don't care what ya' say my son ain't getting married @ no 16 so you can just forget that.' Mom said laughing.

"Why did they stay so long?" I asked. *thinking they may have been waiting for me.* "Because neither one of them would back down. Your dad got mad because the man would say something crazy then your dad would have to show him where what he was saying was a direct OPPOSITE from what the bible said. THEN...he THREW THE MAN & WIFE OUT!" She stopped laughing & was trying to keep a straight face. *you know how you wanna' laugh @ someone who's like...retarded but you got that "God'll getcha" fear so you stifle it? That's how she was doing when she said that part.

"What?! Why?" I asked. "Because the man said SOMEthing but whatever it was it was really crazy like blasphemous so your dad got up, walked over to the door, opened it & was like, 'Okay thank you very much you gotta get outta' my house.' Mom said cracking up laughing now.

"What did the woman do?" I asked. "Well when he did it he was standing there holding the door open looking @ the man & woman to get up. The man looked @ your dad, then he looked @ me & his wife, picked up his notebook & walked towards the door. The woman looked @ me like, 'well damn' & got up too then they left. I felt so sorry for the poor woman." Mom answered now done laughing.

Of course things were never the same after that. I think Kim & i actually had sex only @ work after that & that was difficult because we had to take our breaks @ the same time, walk to the back of the store get in a bathroom stall & I would try to cum twice before someone came in. That's tough to do when you're both in a men's or ladies bathroom. But Kim was bout it when it came to doing what i said sexually. That's what I liked about her the most. Well...that & her big ass titties!


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