Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Wow...UPDATE! Remember the chick from my first blog?! She just sent me an email: If you can believe this...WATCH THE VIDEO FOR THE PREFACE...ONLY IF YOU LIKE LAUGHING! *WARNING ADULT CONTENT/LANGUAGE!

The Email Of Craziness!:

this is the thing. I have found myself at a crossroads, where I can finally come to the realization that I DONT LIKE ME. This isn't me. I vowed to myself a long time ago that I would wait to have sex until I was married. You see, the devil has a way of cleaning up things to make it look presentable and will have you doing and saying things that you would never do by yourself. I have found myself at a crossroads, where I have fell between the cracks, and I let this world consume me in so many ways.

I just want to go back and be old _____, sweet and kind. Not manipulative and deceitful and conniving.
I hate what I have become. I let go of GOD's hand and I let self consume me. Here is the thing with my parents, not only did I get caught but I dis-honored them and the values that they have taught me. I let self get the best of me. I realized through a series of questions that they have been asking me, that I dont really know you. I mean I know the logistics but I really dont know you, like a person should, as you dont really know me. Anyway, this is not about making you feel bad, this is about me. I have a lot of growing up to do, and I have to find my place within God and win back his love. I messed up, big time.

You may think that this whole thing is trivial, because we're both adults and we should be able to do whatever, but this is not the way that I was raised. I can't go on pretending that I'm okay with everything that we have done. Or what I have become of.
Here is the deal, not only am I not going to contact you for a little while, but I am not going to engage in anything sexually explicit until I am mature enough to handle the responsibilities, that comes with playing with fire. I was raised better than this, and I know right from wrong, I had no business having sex. So here is the story, stick with it okay, my ass depends on this, and so does yours.

We've only had sex three times, and you've been to my house once. My dad only knows it for being once, and my mom knows it for being twice. Oh and you have never taken a shower here, Oh and if my mother calls you, please please please dont be disrespectful, it will only make matters worse for me and you both. Just apologize for disrespecting their home, and take some of the heat for me. I'm taking all of the heat, grant it, it is my fault, that I even opened pandora's box. I'm so sorry if i ever caused you grief, but i'm at stake.

They have threatened for me to move out, and come live with you, and I know that I could never do that. I cried so much yesterday, I just don't know if I could handle being homeless and having no one or no where to turn. It sucks being a dissappointment to the people that you love, and having them think the worst of you. When it all boils down, its a reflection on me, that depicts an insecure girl. I can honestly say that I have a low self esteem, and that I used sex as a means to feel wanted or desired. Goes to show you, that I truly hit rock bottom, and God has a way of opening the eyes.

The times we shared were very special. The way you held me in your arms. You were so tender and sweet when I asked you to be. I know you like rough sex and you are very good at it but like I told you I like it when you hold me close and really make love to me. I never liked the F word even though you liked for me to say it.

You are truly talented in so many areas and God has given you many gifts. I like the fact that you are humble and I like so many other things about you. I'm not sorry that I met you, because you are a nice person, and I did enjoy your company. But I also realized that we are not compatible, we are simply friends that have casual sex. It was wonderful sex and you are better than anyone else i've been with but, its not normal in the eyes of God,to have casual sex,

I gave you the most precious thing that God could give to me, my body. Please, do respond to this message, and dont be upset or pissed off, I just need to take time to think about what GOD wants of ______. Its his world, and i'm merely a vessel trying to restore what I had with him. I messed it up. I hope you understand that this is the way it must be.

Okay, Now I am not totally against what she said about God and premarital sex...but she is 21 YEARS OLD!?? IF I HAD KNOWN THIS SHIT WAS GONE BE THIS STUPID??! I MEAN I WOULD HAVE LEFT HER ASS WHERE I FOUND HER!

Why would i put myself through this??! NOBODY is worth this grief & headache! I have a very LOW tolerance for stupidity...SERIOUSLY i know i joke a lot but there is joking, stupid, funny stuff then there is just plain old RETARDED!

We met on a dating site. I won't say which one bcuz they don't pay me to advertise & i didn't pay them either so just know that it was a dating site. NOT THE ONE SHE LIED TO HER PARENTS ABOUT THOUGH!!

I mean for chix and dudes gotta see it from my my FIRST blog & you will understand better...seriously I don't think I have to say much more...

Until Next Time Champions!!!


Rosa said...

im fascinated with your hair more than anything else

TheMuse said...

So this chick is sad and needs a lot of help! Clearly her parents have brainwashed her into thinking that she'll be damned to hell if she makes mistakes in life, worst of all premarital sex. I'm all for getting your life in order, when you feel like you've gone astray from God's plan. But it's incredibly immature to use it as an excuse in order to cover up your mistakes and get back in good with your parents.

Real being real, she wouldn't be claiming she's going to run back to Jesus if her sneaky freaky ass never got caught in the first place! And the last time I checked, repentance means that you make a complete turnaround from the behavior that led to those actions which caused such regret. So how is perpetuating this lie getting her any closer to God? She wants you to keep the lie going, or else? Or else what? Or else she has to stand up like the grown ass woman she is and take responsiblity for her childish ass actions?? UGH!!

Bitches like this make me sad and mad all at the same time. She needs a big sister to whoop her ass and put her up on how to be GROWN!! Mommy & Daddy don't have to run your life sweetie! If you're gonna be doing some grown woman shit be prepared to deal with it like only a grown woman can! Clearly she's trying to be something she's not and is failing miserably. She better hurry up and find out who she is and what she's doing because she's headed down the wrong road being naive like this.

Good thing you avoided a disaster! This chick is confused and definitely aint woman enough to be fucking one guy let alone having casual bang buddies. This is way too much drama for some petty shit like this. She sounds more like 16 than 21!! SMH

Anonymous said...

ok figured out the comment thing now but already wrote a blog. i wanted to start a blog site anyway. after reading TheMuse comments i will add to my blog here, that i agree w/her about the lying. If shes gonna tell it tell it all and don't lie shes already in deep shit anyway. And the excuse of the devil makes things look good n so thats why she did it. thats what the devil does. but like i said in my blog peeps make bad choices and regret it. its how u handle it when u do do something u regret. Also agreement on immature, mad and sad at same time, needs a big sis (i say big bro)I say that because my daughter has 2 big brothers 2 keep her in line and to have her back. ok mr. red & white stripes read my blog. im anoymous on here cuz i dont want anyone else 2 read my first blog but u no who i am. Leave her alone.

uriahblaak said...

Man i dont know what to really say about all of this truthfully. Long story short. bitch likes you, you like bitch, bitch stays on phone for hours, you stay on phone with bitch, bitch tell you that she wanted to come to Altanta(If memory suits me right), and I told you to really really slow down on that and not jump that gun didn't I!!!! So I continue, you are now feeling the bitch, bitch comes by and gets some dick, you go to bitch parents house and bang bitch there, Dad smelled pussy and not his wife's and mom smelled dick and not her its husband's cause they have not had sex in a while.....So they now threaten the old enough to have sex bitch and bitch wants you to talk to parents and not be rude and admit to being invited to their home by bitch and offered pussy from bitch??......This is some interesting shit. I call her bitch because this bitch portrayed a too good to be true persona(which is a red flag) and she turns out to be a crazy, insecure, spoiled, non ambitious, therapy needing hoe who needs to really grow up, be proud of her pussy, and maybe take more pride in its power than its shame. Also needs to tell her parents where they can go and she needs to move out and test the waters that she is so timid to swim in. This is a classic case of "A DUMB BITCH" nothing less.