Monday, August 3, 2009


So everyone has a first time right? Well my first time was quite interesting. So interesting in fact that I wasn't sure exactly what was supposed to transpire. *chuckles* I was 16 years old & in high school @ a predominantly Caucasian school.

*WARNING* This blog does contain some mature content so please DO NOT READ if you're a minor

Being in high school is all about fitting in.* That was not always easy for me especially when I was one of only a handful of African-American kids there. In homeroom there was a girl named Jennifer who was always just overly friendly. She was always sitting really close to me & finding some reason to touch my knee, thigh or put her head on my shoulder.

Jennifer was a short Caucasian girl with long sandy blonde hair. She had freckles that weren't all over her face or unattractive but, actually gave her a lot of character. Here eyes were hazel green & neatly placed on either side of her keen nose.

Her smile was okay, not the best i must admit but only because her two front teeth were slightly bucked. *I am an extremely picky person so keep in mind that I am not only critical for personal reasons but to give a good description*

So one day I got up the nerve to ask Jennifer to skip school. I mean why not?...???

1. She was definitely trying to be on the team...
2.We were both inexperienced...
3.She was cute...enough
4.I had peer pressure pushing me to find out what sex was about...
5.I had MORE curiosity than peer pressure pushing me to find out...

Those are MORE than enough reasons for a 16 year old to have sex...right?!? RIGHT! lol


The day we decided to skip finally came. We had to do it 6th period which was the last period because she had tests that day. I met her outside the school, she jumped in the car & we were off. The problem was: There was nowhere to be "off" to. The school was virtually in the middle of nowhere. No motels, no hotels...NO Holiday Inns.

So, I got a bright idea & decided to go into a subdivision that was just starting. We were pressed for time because we only had about 50 minutes before the last period was over & she had to be @ the bus to go home.

There were no homes built in the subdivision yet, so i drove all the way to the back to the last culdesac & parked. Keep in mind it was BROAD daylight!* A beautiful autumn day with the leaves changing colors & covering the ground making lovely hues of orange, red, yellow and brown.

We jumped in the backseat & started the ritual. I took her shirt off, she took off mine. We made out for about 5 minutes really hard then took our pants off. She was down to nothing but her socks & so was I *shit it was cold!* lmao!

So since i was so tall & it was FREEZing outside, we couldn't lie down because I would have had to open the door. I sat there on the backseat and placed her on top of me. This was a long struggle that lasted about thirty minutes because we couldn't get it in.

Needless to say, I was getting frustrated & so was my cock. FINALLY SUCCESS! She sat down on it and did her best to balance without hitting her head on the roof of the car while i held onto her waist and pushed her down on my cock and lifted her back up again.

I had no idea what I was doing and neither did she* i reiterate, so when she came...she stopped moving & i was sitting there with a hard cock inside a rubber. lol so...she got up off of it and sat down next to me. "It hurt @ first, but towards the middle it got really good." She said.

She kissed me and when she moved from the spot next to me, there was blood. I started freaking out because it was my DAD'S CAR!! "Awe shit!" I exclaimed. She was freaking out as well. "Oh my God is that supposed to happen?" She asked.

So here i am with a rock hard cock RUBBER STILL ON* trying to get blood off of my dad's tan seat with like 5 minutes until the last bell rang. I had no time to waste

I gave up on the backseat jumped IN my clothes & drove her back to the school. We got there right after the bell rang & the other kids were coming out to the buses.

By the time I got back to my parent's house The word was out: EVERYONE KNEW WHAT HAPPENED

A Legend was born.

Of course the stain never came out & turned brown. When my dad asked me what it was?...shiiiiiiiiit...i was like, "Oh someone spilled some soda back there today."

Until Next Time Champions!

The Sandman


Jacqueline said...

Sounds like my first time was a lot better then yours lol!

monique said...

sounds like you've been a horndog forever!